New 3 Stop Easy Climber Elevator install. We installed a 3 stop elevator going into a home in East Texas. This was a fairly complicated install where we had to cut through the concrete floor on the top level.

We removed the concrete floor for the elevator and removed the railing for the support wall to be built. Construction for this elevator required us to open the wall for a door on the mid-level and construct a support wall for the elevator on the top level. This will be a three stop elevator.

First Stop

The first stop of the elevator was accessed from the bottom floor. We removed the front of a closet and expanded the closet area to install the elevator in this location. In the process of remodeling this area, we expanded the wall on the railing side of the stairs and modify the hand rail to allow for the expanded support wall.

Second Stop

The second stop for the elevator was on the main floor level of this tri-level home. We cut through the wall to install a new exit under the railing.

Third Stop

The third stop for our elevator installation is on the top floor. In order to get to this floor we had to cut through the 3 inch concrete floor.

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